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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 11, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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september 11th, 2001, what started as a summer day became an unimaginable tragedy seared into american lives forever. one decade later, america remembers those lost and bans together to move forward. good evening, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. after ten years the ritual that become part of life spurred by determination to move on but to never forget what happened. in arlington president obama laid a wreath to the memorial of the 184 who lost their lives in flight 77 crashed into the pentagon. starting team coverage from the
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pentagon. >> we gather to remember the people and events. >> reporter: the day began with heads bowed and a moment of silence to remember that moment of terror ten years ago. at 9:37 in the morning that day, terrorists flew american airlines flight 77 into the west side of the pentagon. 59 people onboard the plane and 125 in the pentagon were killed. ♪ amazing grace how sweet ♪ >> reporter: loved ones of those lost gathered at pentagon memorial to honor their lives and heard admiral mike mullen chairman of the joint chiefs of staff tell them they're greatest is in they are hearts and deeds. >> the ideal others tried to kill when they killed innocent men, women and children. ♪
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>> reporter: as the army band plays, service members moved into position carrying wreaths. one for each victim of the pentagon attack. the vice president spoke of those who have served since 9/11 saying that never before had the country asked so much of a volunteer military. >> the 9/11 generation ranks among the greatest our nation has ever produced. >> reporter: then members of the army, the navy, the air force, marines and coast guard placed wreaths one by one on each bench bearing the name of a pentagon victim. >> i was surprised to see how nice it was, and what they did. >> the fact that we are one nation and supporting one another in this effort, this healing process. >> reporter: joe krebs, news 4 washington. nearly 2,800 other people lost their lives in the attacks in new york and shanksville, pennsylvania. in new york, loved ones of the 9/11 victims got to actually touch a tribute to those who
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died. stephen handelsman has the latest from ground zero at today's ceremonies. >> reporter: the tenth anniversary was different. more intense for many at the trade center site in new york. they gathereden eed under a thr another attack noting the moment when both towers were hit and when they fell. >> the lord of hosts is with us. >> reporter: 2,753 people died at frownground zero. >> god bless every soul we lost i. love and miss you, daddy. >> reporter: for the first time, built where the towers fell, families got to the see and to touch the names of their lost loved ones engraved in stone. a powerful for joshua's mother. >> i'm not supposed to see my son's name in stone. he should be looking at mine. >> reporter: it's not alphabetical.
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friends and co-workers are still together in the rock. firefighters, and manny sr. is fdpd. >> you're hurting. >> reporter: tammy lost her husband. >> you can actually touch the name and feel that person. >> reporter: resident and first lady went to shanksville, pennsylvania, where passengers struck the first blow against al qaeda in what would be the war on terror and the obamas paid they are respects at the pentagon where nearly 200 died it has been ten years and feels like it just happened yesterday. >> reporter: the scene at pentagon defined this. the grandeur of the unfinished memorial. the dignity of the names as loved ones reached out to touch those we lost ten years ago. >> reporter: you can touch too. tomorrow for the tires time since 9/11, the public will be
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allowed into this memorial park. demand is so strong, admission will be restricted to 1,000 per day. tickets available online. live from the world trade center site, i'm steve handelsman, news 4. aaron, back to you. >> steve, thank you. intelligence officials continue to try to confirm that a car or truck bombing was planned around this tenth anniversary of 9/11. the fbi and homeland security scoured through airline records looking for people who may have entered the u.s. to carry out the attacks. so far 100 people have been interviewed and none thought to the part of any terror plot. here in washington it's hard to miss the increased security today. police in cars and on bikes patrolling the capitol and the mall. the scene was similar in new york with armed officers on the streets and in train stations. security was extra tight in the skies as well. two military jet fighters had to scramble. at jfk this afternoon. the tsa -- put themselves in the
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bathroom and was -- [ inaudible ] members of the first squadron 7th u.s. cavalry democr decorated recognizing service and troops paused for a moment of silence to honor those who died in the attacks as well as those lost in combat in the decades since. remembrances were held around the world on this september 11th. in london 2, 000 people attended a memorial service at st. paul's cathedral. in sydney, australia, a twilight ceremony held. and the rugby team paid respected and in japan, members killed at the world trade center. and pope benedict prayed at a
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special mass in italy. still ahead a local community that felt the tragedy of 9/11 especially hard. how the small town is remembering those lost. derek? >> reporter: the redskins opened their season at fedex field. the details coming up on news 4. and on news 4, meteorologist chuck bell. cumulus clouds bubbling up in the late-day sunshine and a couple scattered thunderstorms around as well. talk about your evening thunderstorm chances and your back-to-work forecast coming up. it's important to remember and come together and just remember what we stand for as american citizens and why we have the freedom that we do. >> i think that it's a time to reflect on where we've come since then and to look forward.
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in the days after the 9/11 attacks many aspects of life stopped. sporting events put on hold including a washington redskins game. tonight the teams from the two cities most affected are squaring off at fedex field. derrick ward joins us live from landover with more on a special tribute to victims of 9/11. >> reporter: lots of tributes to the victims and survivors and first responders of 9/11. retired general colin powell, former secretary of state, will act as honorary team captain for
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the redskins during the coin toss. a video tribute and during the "national enthem" a mattive flag unfurled across the size of the field. all of this goes into this game with a special significance. a significance that's not lost on a single fan. with the game scheduled to follow september 11th was cancelled and even rarely seen emotion from then head coach marty schottenheimer. >> i'm realizing and -- the i want to be with family. >> reporter: in a game that was played that following week, fir responders unif you were add flag at midfield in honor of those high perished. fast forward a decade, a similar tribute, players and first responder os throwing a flag on the field and even a larger one and a video tribute to those who died and heightened security.
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a robust presence, more vut scrutiny. fans understand. >> taking precautions. that's all they can do these days. >> reporter: the significance of this game on this day against the new york giants add another level of significance for fans of both teams. >> for me being a 82nd airborne, all about 9/11 for the people that lost their lives and everything, and paying homage to them. >> everything that's happening today is really important because it's the ten-year anniversary. so any day, whether it's a football game or a family getting together for dinner, who hasn't seen each other in a long time, it's a really important date for people to come together, appreciate one another and love one another. >> reporter: not usually sentiment you hear from usual rivals like the new york giants and the washington redskins. a lot of things are special about this game. in addition to the tributes, nfl and the nfl players association will contribute more than $1 million to charities and
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memorials associated with 9/11, and there will be other things happening as well. actually flags distributed to every fan entering the stadium. a reminder to take with them for the rest of the season. the sentiment going on here today. live in landover, back to you. >> derrick ward live at fed wex field. thank you. still to come tonight, promoting peace through religion. different faiths ban together on this anniversary and two of the youngest victims call university park, maryland home. how that community is moving forward after the break. >> you just wanted to really stop. where we will ever have any peace? 9/11, seems to me, has just changed the whole world. >> and from that day to this day you have a different level's safety. you don't feel as safe.
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masses as the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception held this morning. all masses carried a special message. priests spoke of forgiveness and remembrance of those lives lost ten years ago today. a special interfaith service was also held ts afternoon at the muslim community center in silver spring. people from different church, synagogues and mosques were invited to remember those who died in the attacks ten years ago. organizers of today's event said it was important for people of all faiths to come together and promote peace. one small community in prince george's county lost five people on september 11th. among the dead, an entire family. university park held a ceremony today to remember those residents. we have the story.
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>> reporter: this was constructeded in honor of the five university park resident who died on september 11th, 2001. a family of four killed when their plane was taken over by terrorists. flight 77 slamming it into the pentagon. >> when i learned that they had been killed, it was just -- devastating. >> reporter: charlie falconberg, his wife leslie and their two children were headed to australia for a two-month sabbatical. their neighbor was working inside the pentagon when the hijacked plane struck and also lost her life. lori arnold says she were gardening buddies. >> did move away a few years ago. so i feel a loss of two friends here, but we come back every year and remember sheila and place flowers. >> reporter: the memorial was built in 2005. eep of the five stones represents one of the victims. five stones on plaques bearing
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the names of the victims. >> closer, i would say. why we had this memorial four years later, 2005. we didn't forget. >> loam people worked on it. >> reporter: john was university park's mayor on the day the terrorists attacked and was instrumental in getting the memorial built. >> we're not building what they're building in shanksville or in new york, but i think this fits in so well with university park. >> reporter: the small town took a big hit on 9/11. some are hoping this year's anniversary will be different. >> we spent a great many years mourning them, and i'm actually at the point now where i think we need to celebrate them, because they gave so much to us. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4. and chuck bell is here with us now with a look at the forecast. pretty nice day today. >> on the whole, pretty nice. when it's rain, a lot of it. the nonch sirth side of the bel.
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nos in the metropolitan area. that may be changing. look at the beautiful shot on the city camera of a towering cumulus cloud off to the east of washington with the late-day sun lighting up the western face of that towering cloud out there. a good looking shot out there. that storm is putting rain down smoep you the radar in a brief second. at the national airport, 80 degrees. dew points in the 60s. a touch of humidity. a light breeze out of the north. mid70s north and west. upper 70s and low 80s to the south of washington. 80 degrees in st. mary's county. 74 in martinsberg, showers and thunderstorms are coming down. the clouds on city cam is this storm here just going over the chesapeake bay bridge on to the shore. raining along route 50 and just over the counsel li kounhe coun. and headed into western montgomery county.
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coolsville, gaitherberg, be on the lookout. no severe weather, still a couple of rumbles of thunder and every drop is rain is add insult to injury after all the rain of last week. flash flooding could occur. that is a flood flash watch that goes until midnight tonight. even plans, scattered showers and thunderstorms. most of us stay dry but chances for thunderstorms this evening. keeping an eye on maria as well. looks like the storm will stay off the eastern seaboard of the united states as the week goes by. we'll keep a close eye on it. could keep rip currents and the seas rough for the eastern shore. for us, a trough of low pressure bringing showers and thunderstorms through midnight tonight. generally quiet weather for the overnight hours. one or two stray rumbles is about it. tomorrow, toasty warm. might bubble up one or two thundershowers tomorrow afternoon. then high pressure comes in. a great day setting up on tuesday with chilly changes that come on for the end of the week. for this evening, partly cloudy scattered thunderstorms, brief
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heavy rain. temperatures back into the low 70s by 11:00 p.m. overnight lows in the 60s. tomorrow a nice day with just an isolated shower chance tomorrow. highs well up into the 80s. it's going to feel like mid to late august the next few days. thursday we turn the corner and it will feel like october around here by friday, saturday, sunday with highs only in the 60s. lows in the 50s. that means everybody west of town way into the 40s by thursday, friday, saturday morning. be on the lookout. follow me online. >> announcement, just learned about the martin luther king jr. memorial. a short time ago officials announced that memorial's dedication will now take place on october 16th. you'll recall the dedication was planned for august 28th. the 40th anniversary of dr. king's "i have a dream speech" delayed because of hurricane irene. it's the 16th anniversary of the million man march on the national mall. still to come after the
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break a special tribute here in washington. how those who cou
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the pentagon memorial was closed to the public today. so many people wishing to pay their respects went to the museum. here's our report. >> reporter: the melted antenna of the world trade center is a place of reflection as thousands of visitors came to the museum to take in how journalists covered the 2001 terror attacks.
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>> just a lot of sort of somberness here. you know. so you can have a lot of reflection about what's going on. >> a stark event, and u.s. history, and it's a gloomy reminder that the world has changed. probably forever. >> reporter: some of those reminders parts of the engine from one of the planes that struck the twin towers and dust-covered cell phones of the victims found at ground zero. >> recovery workers talk about how they went off and continued to ring and buzz for days afterwards with loved ones just hoping against hope that they would be answered. >> reporter: some who came here knew some of the victims and wanted to pay their respects. sheri o'connell lived in new york during 9/11. >> i knew so many personal stories and people forget that these were human beings. that these were mothers and fathers that died that day, and that we were attacked on our own
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soil, and that thousands of americans were murdered that day, and we can never forget that. >> reporter: others feel the same way. in fact, the museum says the 9/11 exhibit is so popular, they plan to keep it through the end of next year. in washington, jane watrel, news 4. honoring the senth anniversary of 9/11 continued tonight and into the week. the memorial grounds of the pentagon reopened at 6:00 to allow the public to pay thr respects. tonight president obama will deliver remarks at a concert for hope at the kennedy center. tomorrow a new wax xasculpture, and the new trade center memorial in new york opens for the first time to the public tomorrow. we appreciate you spending time with us tonight. "nightly news" is next. we're back tonight amp the kour boyes/jets game and leave you now with the sights and sounds from the world trade center, the
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pentagon and shanksville, pennsylvania. good night. ♪ ♪ therefore, we will not fear. even though the earth be removed, though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea
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